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Simulates _known_ subjects, meaning that it reuses ETA values from estimation run. This is what is refered to as emperical Bayes estimates. The .phi file from the estimation run must be found next to the .lst file from the estimation.This means that ID values in the (simulation) input data must be ID values that were used in the estimation too. Runs an $ESTIMATION MAXEVAL=0 but pulls in ETAs for the ID's found in data. No $SIMULATION step is run which may affect how for instance residual variability is simulated, if at all.


NMsim_known(file.sim, file.mod, data.sim, file.phi, return.text = FALSE)



See ?NMsim.


See ?NMsim.


See ?NMsim.


A phi file to take the known subjects from. The default is to replace the filename extension on file.mod with .phi. A different .phi file would be used if you want to reuse subjects simulated in a previous simulation.


If TRUE, just the text will be returned, and resulting control stream is not written to file.


Path to simulation control stream