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This vignettes aims at enabling you to

  • Configure NMsim to use PSN or methods provided by NMsim to update Nonmem control stream initial values and to run Nonmem

  • Understand pros and cons of using PSN vs. methods provided by NMsim.

NMsim relies on Nonmem for running simulations. If your system does not meet the requirements described in this document, it does not mean that NMsim can’t work. It can still put together your Nonmem simulations and make everything ready for Nonmem to be executed. Once you have run Nonmem, you can then use NMdata::NMscanData() to collect the results.


Currently, NMsim only fully supports systems that run Nonmem on linux. Windows support is experimental.

Notice, the important thing is which system is running Nonmem, not what system is running R. So if you run R on a windows system and can run Nonmem through an ssh tunnel, NMsim should still be able to work. If you run Nonmem on Windows and would like to get NMsim to work, reach out and we will figure it out.

NMsim functions and their arguments often refer to input control streams by .mod. It should work independently of the file name extension of the input control streams. The estimate files (.ext and if known subjects simulated .phi) are currently expected to carry the same file name but with those file name extension.

Configuration of NMsim

Below this section, some background discussion is provided to understand which methods to choose. No matter what you prefer to use, the best is to set up NMsim to be able to use both Nonmem and (if available) PSN. Then you have the flexibility to switch between methods as preferred.

Specify the Nonmem paths

For NMsim to run Nonmem, it needs to know where to find the Nonmem executable.

The easiest way to do configure this is through NMdata’s configuration function. Say you want to run Nonmem with /opt/NONMEM/nm75/run/nmfe, insert this after loading NMdata in the beginning of your script


On Windows, the executable has a .bat extension. The path could look be

NMdataConf(path.nonmem ="C:/nm75g64/run/nmfe75.bat")

If you normally use PSN as your Nonmem interface, and you therefore do not know where Nonmem is installed, you can check this using PSN. The following command should give you the Nonmem installation paths that PSN is configured with. However, you likely still need to add the last piece of the path from the installation directory to the nonmem binary.

psn -nm_versions

Specify the PSN installation path

If PSN is available, and you can run execute and update_inits in a terminal, you don’t need to configure anything. If you have PSN installed, but you have to provide the paths to those two executables when running them (something like /opt/PSN/execute run1.mod), you will have to tell NMsim where to find them. In this case, the easiest is loading NMdata and then running:


PSN or not?

PSN or not for Nonmem execution

NMsim can call Nonmem using PSN’s execute or through similar functionality included in NMsim. We will refer to those methods by the way they are referred to in the NMsim() function argument that controls which one is used, i.e. method.execute="psn" and method.execute="nmsim".

For simulations, method.execute="psn" does not provide advantages over method.execute="nmsim". In contrast, there are simulation types that will only work with method.execute="nmsim". You need to tell NMsim where to find Nonmem (by setting path.nonmem) for this to work.

Nonmem execution with NMexec() (typically, for estimation and not simulation) is a slightly different discussion. See ?NMexec for that.

PSN or not for updating initial values

NMsim needs to update initial values using the model estimate prior to running a simulation. PSN provides the update_inits function to do this, and if available, this is the default method in NMsim. Again, we refer to this by the argument name, method.update.inits="psn".

NMsim also provides a similar functionality internally, referred to as method.update.inits="NMsim". This will be used if PSN is not found - or if you ask for it.

method.update.inits="psn" has two advantages over the NMsim-provided method. It is widely used, and it keeps comments in affected control stream sections ($THETA, $OMEGA, $SIGMA). method.update.inits="nmsim" will drop all comments in affected sections. I have in the past seen issues with some methods to update $OMEGA sections with off-diagonal elements (BLOCK). method.update.inits="nmsim" takes a very simple approach. Reading the OMEGA matrix from the .ext file, this is not relying on interpreting Nonmem code at all. The support of systems without PSN would be the main reason one would choose method.update.inits="nmsim" over method.update.inits="psn".

In order to make use of method.update.inits="psn", you need to make sure NMsim can find PSN.